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What is a prefabricated home?
The term prefabricated home is actually used to describe two distinct methods of construction. Prefab homes can be built in a factory before being delivered to site by a truck in one or more sections or can refer to kit homes built by an owner builder.
Not to be confused with mobile homes, manufactured homes are considered permanent once delivered to site, fixed to foundations and connected to utilities.
Manufactured homes go by several different names depending on what they are intended to be used for and which builder you speak to. They can also be referred to as modular homes, relocatable homes, prefabricated homes or factory built homes.
However, a Genius Home is a manufactured home that is factory built and once on site they are permanent structures just like any other house.

Can I visit the Genius Homes factory?
YES! Would you like to visit our Timaru factory? We have two production lines in Timaru with 10 to 12 houses in different stages of building that we can show you. Call 0800 522 225 or email to book an appointment.

Can I get a custom designed home from Genius?
YES! Genius Homes offer FREE custom design options. We will draw up a new design to meet your specific requirements for your new home, farm accommodation or holiday home. A Genius Homes Consultant will go through the details with you to make sure the house is exactly what you want. There are a wide range of interior options that you can also customise your new home with, click here for more information.

Is it a kit house?
No. We construct the home for you in our purpose designed factory, with the kitchen installed, doors hung & electrical & plumbing fitted off, ready to be connected to the services on site. With our processes, there are no hidden expenses (kit homes usually incur a range of additional costs). You get a completely finished home that is high quality at a great price.

Will a Genius Home suit my site?
We offer FREE onsite consultations so if you’re thinking about getting a new home or some farm accommodation we would very much like to come & see you.